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Name Reference Type
AISC Member Dimensions & Properties HOTAISC 325-11 Part 1Free
Analysis -- Built-Up Section Properties HOTAISC 325-11 Part 1Quick
Analysis -- Combinations of Loads HOTASCE 7-10/05 Chapter 2Free
Analysis -- Deflection of Simple BeamsAISC 325-11 Part 3Free
Analysis -- Flagpole Foundation DesignIBC 2015 Chapter 18Free
Analysis -- Floor Vibration Due To Walking ExcitationAISC Design Guide 11Design
Analysis -- Reduction in Live LoadsASCE 7-10 Chapter 4Free
Analysis -- Seismic Base Shear and Force Distribution HOTASCE 7-16/10/05 Chapter 11,12Design
Analysis -- Seismic Demands on Nonstructural ComponentsASCE 7-10 Chapter 13Free
Analysis -- Single Span Beam Analysis HOTACI 318, AISC 325, NDSQuick
Analysis -- Soil Pressure Distribution under Rigid FootingIBC 2015 Chapter 18Free
Analysis -- Wind Design (Directional Procedure) HOTASCE 7-16/10 Chapter 27Design
Analysis -- Wind Loads (Components & Cladding)ASCE 7-10 Chapter 30Quick
Analysis -- Wind Loads (Other Structures)ASCE 7-10 Chapter 29Quick
Concrete -- Anchorage to Concrete (Appendix D) HOTACI 318-14 Chapter 17Design
Concrete -- Column Design (PCA Column) HOTACI 318-14 Chapter 10Design
Concrete -- Coupling Beam DesignACI 318-14 Chapter 18Design
Concrete -- Development of Deformed BarsACI 318-14 Chapter 25Free
Concrete -- Flexural Member Section DesignACI 318-14 Chapter 9Design
Concrete -- General Footing Design HOTACI 318-14 Chapter 9Design
Concrete -- Reinforcement Areas and RatiosACI 318-11 Appendix EFree
Concrete -- Special Reinforced Shear WallACI 318-14 Chapter 18Design
Masonry -- CMU Lintel DesignACI 530-13 Chapter 8Design
Masonry -- CMU Shear Wall DesignACI 530-13 Chapter 9Design
Masonry -- CMU Wall Design for Out-of-plane LoadsACI 530-13 Chapter 8Design
Retaining -- Cantilever Retaining Wall Design HOTACI 318-14, ACI 530-13Design
Retaining -- Restrained Retaining Wall DesignACI 318-14, ACI 530-13Design
Steel -- Available Strength in Axial Compression HOTAISC 360-10 Chapter EFree
Steel -- Beam Available Moment vs. Unbraced Length HOTAISC 360-10 Chapter FFree
Steel -- Block Shear CapacityAISC 360-10 Chapter JFree
Steel -- Column Base Plate Design HOTAISC Design Guide 1Design
Steel -- Eccentrically Braced Frame (EBF)AISC 341-10 Chapter F3Design
Steel -- Eccentrically Loaded Bolt GroupsAISC 325-11 Part 7Quick
Steel -- Eccentrically Loaded Weld GroupsAISC 325-11 Part 8Quick
Steel -- Member Design for Combined ForcesAISC 360-10 Chapter HDesign
Steel -- Reduced Beam Section (RBS)AISC 341-10 Chapter E3Design
Steel -- Special Concentrically Braced Frame (SCBF)AISC 341-10 Chapter F2Design
Steel -- Strength of Bolt Subject to Combined ForcesAISC 360-10 Chapter JFree
Steel -- Strength of Fillet WeldingAISC 360-10 Chapter JFree
Timber -- Beam Design (Glued Laminated Timber)NDS-2015 Chapter 3, 5Design
Timber -- Beam Design (Sawn Lumber) HOTNDS-2015 Chapter 3, 4Design
Timber -- Beam Design (Structural Composite Lumber)NDS-2015 Chapter 3, 8Design
Timber -- Design Values for Bolt & Lag Screw HOTNDS-2015 Chapter 12Quick
Timber -- Design Values for Nail, Spike & Wood ScrewNDS-2015 Chapter 12Quick
Timber -- Group Action FactorNDS-2015 Chapter 11Free
Timber -- Joist / Rafter DesignNDS-2015 Chapter 3, 4Design
Timber -- Post Design (Sawn Lumber)NDS-2015 Chapter 3Design
Timber -- Prefabricated Wood I-JoistNDS-2015 Chapter 3, 7Design
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