Feature Highlights

Revolutionary AI – The intelligence and effectiveness of these sheets will truly surprise you – you will feel as if they can read your mind. We could go on and on explaining the abundance of benefits that these features will provide for you in your career. However, we decided to save those thousands of words by allowing you to have the opportunity of experiencing the amazing AI for yourself.

100x Efficiency – The efficiency of your overall design process will increase exponentially once you have started to use these phenomenal tools. For example, a full hand design and the detailing of special concrete shear walls or special moment frame connections can take hours, even days, to accomplish, not to mention the possible occurrences of human mistakes. Using these sheets will undoubtedly shrink the timeline of this process down to a maximum of only a few minutes!

Automated Drafting – Most of the details are automatically drafted in real-time throughout the design process. This makes the entire process much more intuitive and pleasant, but that is just the tip of the iceberg! When using traditional engineering software, engineers are required to decode the numeric output and then manually sketch the details that are needed for drafting. Following these steps is very time-consuming. In addition to the delayed completion, there is a higher possibility of human error and miscommunication between engineers and drafters that could cause further delays. The automated drafting feature minimizes these risks and allows the process to become simpler and more reliable.

Transparency – It may seem as if most of the sheets are hand calculations when they are printed out, but they truthfully are not. Since it is the most transparent way of recording an engineering design process, we decided to stay true to the format of the traditional hand design. Transparency is essential, especially since embedding a mistake within a black box program can lead to catastrophic consequences. All of the sheets clearly identify the applicable equations and reference code sections, making them powerfully effective and easy to understand.

Customizability – You are given the freedom to wisely choose the subset of sheets that is most suitable for your needs and are able to renew your customized subset simply by subscribing to the ones that are going to expire. The toolbar also provides you with an abundance of other powerful features. Within each sheet, you are able to set up, save and access both your company and project headers at any time.

Investment Monitor – Every engineer is aware of the significance that continuous investments have in their career development overall. It is for this very reason that an investment monitor is displayed on your home page that provides a detailed explanation of your everyday investments. This monitor not only shows your investment history but it also shows a projection of future investments as well. By using this helpful tool, you can visualize your overall progress and easily make any necessary adjustments to your strategies.

Networking – Referrals not only allow you to have bonus access, but also provide you with the opportunity to network and stay connected with other engineers. Your home page will show you a complete listing of all of the people that have accepted your invitation. Currently, we are developing a more open platform that will allow all of our users to exchange ideas and discuss any engineering problems that they have encountered. This will ensure that these discussions go far beyond the boundaries of just one company. We will keep you posted on the development of this platform.

Enhanced Security – Most websites only use HTTPS secured connections for specific pages on their sites, such as the pages used for account management and money handling. Since a secure work environment is important for all structural engineers, SEsheets uses this same HTTPS protection for all of the pages throughout the entire site. This means all communications between your workstation and our server are encrypted using 256-bit SSL.


New Accounts

Each new account receives a trial period of at least 30 days when you sign up. This trial period offers you complete, unlimited access to the entire website. To extend your access beyond the trial, you are able to pick from a vast collection of sheets to subscribe to. You can also refer your friends to sign up for their own new accounts, allowing them to be able to continue the referral.

Why is the referral process so beneficial for you? With each successful referral that you generate, you will be rewarded additional days of having unlimited access to our site!


Referral Program

If you directly refer a friend to sign up a new account at SEsheets.com, you will be rewarded with an additional 2 months of access to the entire site! The best part is that the benefits of the referral program do not stop there. If the friend that is directly referred by you also refers other people to SEsheets.com, you are rewarded with an additional 15 days of access for each person that they refer! There is absolutely no limit to the number of the times that you can do this. By taking advantage of both direct and indirect referrals on a regular basis, you can easily gain years of free access and continuously build up your own professional network.


Pricing and Discount

Based on the complexity of the sheets that we have available, they are divided up into three separate categories – (1) Design Sheets, (2) Quick Sheets and (3) Free Sheets.

Each sheet is priced individually. You can specify the sheets that you want to subscribe to as well as the subscription periods. Based on the total dollar amount that you are billed, you will also qualify for the discounted rates provided below:

Purchase Discount  
$50 10% off  
$100 20% off  
$200 30% off  
$500 40% off  
$1000+ 50% off  
VIP Discount 30% off If you maintain your "30-day average" curve above $1 for 3 months consecutively, you will be rewarded with a VIP discount at the end of each 90-day period.
Student Discount 50% off If you register your account with an educational email address (ending in ".edu"), this student discount is automatically applied during checkout.
Full Package Deal
Best deal!
Fixed rate
If you subscribe to all the available sheets for 3 months or more, you will automatically receive this super deal of paying a daily, fixed rate of only $2.00.

About SEsheets

This site is made possible with years of collaboration between highly experienced structural engineers and talented professional programmers. Our primary objective is to assist engineers in becoming better equipped in a world where the demand for information technology is skyrocketing. We are working hard to release you from the endless equations, tedious tables and time-consuming calculations so that you will have more time to learn new techniques, innovate engineering process and work towards creating a better world.

We hope that you are able to enjoy using these remarkable sheets as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you to use. In the future, we will continue to enhance and improve our online library through creating even more beneficial sheets for you to choose from. Even though we diligently strive to maintain the high quality of these sheets, we are aware of the fact that unexpected defects may still occur. Therefore, we have built in a convenient problem reporting function in the toolbar that allows you to easily provide us with questions, suggestions and feedback that will help us improve the functionality of each sheet and the overall site.

Please do not forget to refer as many of your fellow engineers to SEsheets to receive as much bonus access as you want for your own career development! Through helping your friends and fellow workers, you are able to help yourself at the same time. We thank you for your time and look forward to your continued support.

Now, go ahead and have fun!


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